Stanislava Barać, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Born in 1977. Graduated and received her MA at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Her main interest fields are history of literature and culture and gender studies. She works at the Institute for Literature and Art, at the project The Role of Serbian Periodicals in the Formation of Literary, Cultural and National Models. Currently working on her PhD thesis, The Female Portrait Genre in Serbian Periodicals 1919–1941. Took part in several national, regional and international science conferences. Published a monograph, Avangardna Misao: avangardne tendencije u časopisu Misao u vreme uređivanja Ranka Mladenovića 1922–1923. (Avant-Garde Thought: Avant-Garde tendencies in the magazine Misao during the editorial period of Ranko Mladenović 1922–1923).



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